• Background

    MASHAV - Israel's Agency for International Development Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in charge of formulating, directing and implementing Israel's foreign assistance policy worldwide. 


    MASHAV's philosophy is based on transfer of know-how to contend with the development challenges of many countries. MASHAV's main fields of assistance are agriculture and water, healthcare, education, community development, empowerment of women, and business entrepreneurship, all this through development of the human resource, and encouragement of professionals from the developing world to find solutions to their development problems, and to adapt them to the specific reality and needs of their country. 


    Israel is an outstanding example of a country that in a relatively short time has successfully handled complex development challenges - climatic, social and in a hostile environment. The assistance to developing countries commenced in the late 1950s, out of recognition that the young country, only a decade old, should share its experience with other countries ("a light unto the nations"). MASHAV's assistance program, in keeping with David Ben-Gurion's approach, is based on the moral commitment as Jews to offer assistance following Jewish and universal values and as members in the family of nations.


    MASHAV – Organizational Chart