• About MCTC(art)

    The Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Center (MCTC)

    The Golda Meir Carmel Center was founded in 1961 to contribute to empowerment of women through training in areas vital for development of their countries, with the aim of integrating them in all fields of life, and thereby accelerating development and progress in their countries.


    The Carmel Center implements its vision for international cooperation through courses in Israel and overseas, in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Ukraine, the Caribbean Islands, the CIS and Eastern Europe.  Once every two years the Carmel Center becomes a meeting place for women leaders from around the world for intensive discussions, resulting in publication of conclusions and operational recommendations for furthering women's status.


    With MASHAV's encouragement, the Carmel Center opened its doors also to women from the Palestinian Authority and joint seminars are been held for Israeli and Palestinian women with the aim of bridging between the peoples and promoting education to coexistence and peace.


    The Carmel Center cooperates regularly with international organizations including UNICEF, UNESCO, UNIFEM, UN-Habitat, Save the Children-Norway, SCF-USA, UNECE, YABT-OAS, the World Bank, the International Organization for Migration, and many others.