• Aharon Ofri(art)

    The Aharon Ofri International Training Center

    The Ofri Center was founded by MASHAV and Haigud in 1989 in conjunction with the Ministry of Education. The Center specializes in and deals with transferring know-how in the field of education, which is the foundation of civil society. The focus is on Education for All - from elementary to adult education; transfer of know-how and training in fields of development of basic education (basic skills), civic awareness, community education, education for special population groups, and handling youth problems, such as at-risk youth, integration of youth, and education to health and AIDS prevention.


    Since its inception, thousands of alumni from around the world have participated in professional training programs at the Center and have been exposed to Israeli know-how and experience through the best experts in the various fields of education: the educational system, communications, civil development and community activity. The Ofri Center cooperates with the senior echelon of the Israeli Ministry of Education, with experts from the academic world, and with government and nongovernmental organizations specializing in these fields. The Center also maintains relations and cooperation with international organizations such as USAID, OECD, UNESCO, the World Bank, the International Organization of Migration – IOM, and more.