• External Professional Training Centers

    The Weitz Center for Development Studies (DSC): Specializes in Integrated Regional Planning (regional and local). The Center developed the "Rehovot Approach" for integrated regional development focusing on eliminating poverty by rural and urban development.


    The Hebrew University Faculty of Agriculture: Holds courses for experts from developing countries, inter alia in biotechnology, and food technology.


    The International Institute Histadrut: Offers a broad variety of courses in fields such as community development, administration of volunteer organizations, civil defense and more.


    The Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development (NISPED): Deals with fields relating to problems facing societies in transition, solution of conflicts, management of small businesses and development studies.


    The Meteorological Service: Offers courses in the areas of agro-meteorological database management and computerization of crops for climatic conditions.


    The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Braun School of Public Health: Holds continuing studies for a Masters Degree in public health and community medicine for doctors and nurses from around the world.


    The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies: The Institute is the largest of its kind in the Middle East and promotes Middle East research studies for Jewish and Arab leaders.


    The Center for Cooperation and Advancement (CCA): Offers a professional study program in Russian based on societies in transition - from centralized to free market, from dictatorship to democracy.


    Rambam Medical Center - The teaching Center for Trauma, Emergency and Mass Casualties Situations: The center specializes in emergency medicine and organization and development of trauma systems.