• Through Haigud,
    MASHAV provides a wide training platform in various subjects, both in Israel and abroad. Training

    programs are carried out through professional training centers in close cooperation with the relevant Ministries in Israel

    (Agriculture and Rural development; Education; Health; Communication, Treasure, Industry and Infrastructure, and

    more). Experts from these ministries participate regularly in MASHAV professional training activities. Haigud provides

    the complex infrastructure necessary to achieve MASHAV’s goals.

    Haigud operates MASHAV’s three core professional training and consultancy centers in Israel:

    The Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Center (MCTC)

    The Center for International Agricultural Development Cooperation (CINADCO), Ministry of Agriculture and Rural


    The Aharon Ofri International Training Center

    In addition, Haigud assists MASHAV cooperation with affiliated centers such as the Hebrew University of Jerusalem -

    The Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences; the Weitz Center for Development Studies; the

    International Institute; the Volcani Institute; Israeli universities and hospitals and non-governmental organizations, such as

    the Negev Institute for Peace and Development and the Peres Center.