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Main Activities

Operating Professional Training Centers

  • Implementation of MASHAV courses in Israel according to a plan of work designed by MASHAV. Until today approximately 300,000 alumni have participated in MASHAV’s training programs in Israel and overseas, a large proportion in facilities run by Haigud.

  • Management of MASHAV professional core training extensions:  MCTC - The "Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Center" in Haifa; METC - The "Aharon Ofri International Training Center" in Jerusalem, MATC – MASHAV Agricultural Training Center in Shefayim.

  • Manpower, administrative and equipment support for implementation of the plan of work determined by the MASHAV.

  • Manpower, administrative and equipment support for implementation of the plan of work determined by the MASHAV.

  • Support and assistance to external professional training centers.

Evaluation Unit

Monitoring and evaluation of all MASHAV's activities.

  • Analysis of course reports; carrying out evaluation operations; examination of proposed courses, feedback meetings.

  • Opinion on proposals for new activities.

  • Study of publications of aid agencies around the world for evaluation purposes.


Organizational Affairs

  • Drafting MASHAV’s procedure for the Foreign Service regulations; development of MASHAV’s program and its integration in the department.

Publications and Foreign Relations Unit

  • Ongoing production of professional publications.

  • Production of MASHAV’s Annual Activity Report.

  • Running the MASHAV Social Media: Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Nesletters.

Visitors and Conferences Unit

  • Preparation of professional visit programs for delegations from overseas.

  • Handling individual course participants who come to Israel in the framework of MASHAV for long-term study courses.

  • Organization and production of conferences and ceremonies.

Promoting Israeli Export

  • As part of its activity as an executive arm of MASHAV, Haigud acts as a liaison for the inclusion of the private sector in its assistance activities. Haigud promotes the integration of Israeli companies and technologies in the different projects carried out by MASHAV in Israel and overseas.

  • Haigud also assists Israeli companies directly by granting a legal and contractual cover for cooperation with national institutions and bodies in the host countries in which we wish to act and promote Israeli foreign aid.

  • Haigud organizes an extensive series of professional visits for delegations from overseas incorporating the relevant Israeli industries, and in this way it provides support as an important marketing promoter.

  • Haigud is responsible for preparing and carrying out the tenders for performing special projects overseas, e.g. dairy farming in Vietnam, establishment of a demonstration center for excellence in agriculture in Rwanda, and more.


Humanitarian Assistance

         Haigud carries out MASHAV’s humanitarian assistance activities as well as emergency aid, from purchase of required                     equipment up to the actual shipment to the affected country, including carrying out projects at the disaster location if                  necessary.


Contractual Relations

  • Contractual relations with research entities in Israel and in developing countries.

  • Contractual relations with accommodation providers and other suppliers for carrying out the courses in Israel.

  • Recruitment and creation of partnerships with various overseas and Israeli agencies, also in order to increase funding for MASHAV.

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