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Haigud Society for Transfer of Technology, previously called "The Israeli Society for International Cooperation", was founded in 1963 following a decision of the Government of Israel with the aim of promoting cooperation between the State of Israel and other countries around the world. The company is a nonprofit organization and is fully owned by the State of Israel. The responsible ministers are the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Finance.


In 2008, the Ministerial Committee for Governmental Companies, under the Director General of the Prime Minister's Office, stated that the company is an executive arm of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and consequently entitled to tender exemption.


To serve as an executive, financial, and administrative arm for MASHAV - Israel's Agency for International Development Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Haigud provides the administrative flexibility required by MASHAV for promotion of international cooperation between the State of Israel and other countries.  For fulfillment of this objective Haigud initiates, organizes, promotes, plans and implements the technical assistance proffered by the State of Israel to many countries in the world, and provides a permanent nucleus of experts from different fields to carry out MASHAV's activities.


Haigud enables the establishment of ties with voluntary agencies and organizations that prefer contact with a body that is not a government ministry, and inter alia it allows contractual relations with research entities in Israel and overseas and with any other organization for purposes of implementing MASHAV activities.


Haigud is managed by a Board of Directors composed of public and government representatives, a CEO (who is the Head of MASHAV at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), a deputy CEO, a delegate from the Government Companies Authority, an accountant, a legal adviser and an internal auditor.



Haigud is budgeted by MASHAV at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  

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